We are a Filipino apparel brand that acknowledges the changing local fashion tides, continuously expanding and improving our products tailored to a discerning local clientele. We like to hold our standards at par with excellent (there are some crazy days in the studio) but we nonetheless sprinkle doses of fun in our work!

You’ll find us on a boat to a remote tropical island, at train stations figuring out their local routes, and at cafes that line up along a cobbled street. A.Rush is a nomad with a backpack and (great quality) clothes on her back, intentionally trying to get lost in a foreign city, just so she could talk and get to know the community’s secrets.

We’ve been around since 2014 all the while supported by 100% Filipino manufacturers. We work with light and airy knits and sourced high-grade fabrics such as rayon, cotton voile, jersey and spandex.

A.Rush is young, chic and experimental. Our pieces are decked in beautiful prints and elegant solids created in classic silhouettes to complement the multi-hyphenate life and style of our fashionable ladies—that’s you!—without being passé or too loud. We’re keeping your style on fleek without being cheeky. Snap, snap: your travel photos will radiate “easy summer” all year long.