Ssiala Azores

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Anassia Rosella Azores, or Ssiala, wants to experience life out of the city by exploring the outdoors. The beach’s endless canvas of bright blue sky and the interplay between water and shore inspires her to appreciate life more. She says she loves the beach because of the sound of the waves, the cool breeze of the trees and the sand between her toes. And wouldn’t you know it, most of the time the sand is on her face, too!

Since the beach is every goer’s runway, aside from being stylish, Ssiala says that clothing should be comfortable and durable. It should be able to survive every strut, run, stretch, climb, rappel, jump and even unimaginable ninja moves.

For Ssiala, #LiveARush means to pursue what it is that makes your heart skip and your head spin. It is the natural high you get when you conquer your fear and surpass your targets. It is the unconfined happiness that puts a smile on our face even at the most challenging of circumstances.